Build An On-Demand Healthcare Consultation App

Why us

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Apps for customers/ patients

A separate panel will be created for patients/ customers.

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Admin Pannel

This dashboard will be with the hospital or the owner of the application.

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24/7 Support

Customize your application and make changes according to your requirements.

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Samrt Connections

Allow customers to connect with the doctors even when they are far away.

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Pocket Friendly

Get an app solution at a budget-friendly price which works on all platforms.

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Customize your application and make changes appear on all platforms.

How Mobility Solutions Benefit Healthcare Industry?

Suffescom will provide you with complete tech suite to keep your healthcare business in its best shape.

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What You Get?

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Patient App

Allow all your customers to make easy bookings to get proper treatment.

Patient App

Manage and get full control over your healthcare business from a single interface.

Doctor/ Nurse App

Allow your doctors to manage appointments and give treatment to patients seeking help.

Patient App

Patients use this app to book an appointment for healthcare consultation. They can also chat with the doctors and nurses if the condition is not that much serious.


They can make easy appointments with a single click through an app.


doctors can prescribe tele-medicines through video conferencing tools.

One-click ambulance

In case of emergencies, patients can tap on a button which will work as an SOS.

Multiple payment methods

Application will be integrated with payment options from which they can choose one. .

Pill reminder
It is a kind of an in-built tool where patients get the reminder of taking pills.
Offers and discounts
Patients get regular notifications regarding offers and discounts going on.
Doctors can also help patients by giving online prescription through a video chat.
Wearable integrations
Patients can check the heart rate and other things through a wearable.

Doctor/Nurse App

This is a panel for the doctor where they can accept or reject incoming requests and they give online consultation to the patients through a video chat. They can update the availability online to update the customers.

Profile Management

Doctors and nurses can customize their profile and add information accordingly.

Patient’s dashboard

Doctor receives a separate dashboard for every customer so that they can record.


Doctors have a separate window where they can prepare prescriptions for customers.

View Earnings

They get the analytics and reports of the earnings per week or per day.

Schedule management

Doctors can update the availability online so that customers can be updated.

Work Status

Doctors can update their regular work status in the online app only.

Hospital And Clinic Dashboard

It is the main panel of online healthcare consultation. The dashboard is managed by the hospital or the clinic. The admin panel can be used to manage patient’s app and doctor’s app as well. Furthermore, admin can also make the necessary changes needed in any of the application.

Manage requests

Admin can easily manage all the requests coming towards the doctor.

Data Analytics

Generate reports and insights to improve the patient’s experience.

Automate Workflow

Admin app makes automatic calculations wherever necessary.

Bugs removal

Admin is responsible for the maintenance of the app from time to time.

Manage Payments

Admin can manage and see total earnings made in a day or a week.

Doctor/Nurse management

He/she can remove or add any new doctor for helping patients.

And There Is Much More For You To Give A Bigger Vision To Healthcare Business

Cloud-based records

Managers can take care of their online liquor delivery businesses all from one single powerful dashboard right from store performance to sale tracking, allowing you to take your business to the next new level.

AI Chatbots

Chat with your patients with the help of chatbots which is a machine learning and replies according to previous conversations.

Easy integration

Allow your business to easily integrate with new systems coming in the market and modernize it according to the market.

Offer discounts

Treat your patients in such a way that you will build a long term relation with them by giving regular discounts and offers.


This provides virtual access to the physicians with video consultations replacing some in-person visits by giving them prescriptions online.

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