Customer App

Receive Orders Directly from your Customer app to Dashboard.

Customise according to your business needs, and easily integrate with your Ecosystem to ace customer satisfaction.

How Routplaner customer app will help your business?

Fully Customisable

Design the flow according to your Business Use case.

Geo-fence Based Pricing

Use pricing based upon tags and regions for localised demand

Instant Communication

Customer can call or chat with agents using app with just one click

Performance and Rating

Get easy feedback and rating from customers to plan future actions


Enable your customers to refer your business application to others

Notifications and Alerts

Live order Status Updates for Customers for enhances experience

Real Time Tracking

Track exact location on map and delivery ETA

In-built Customer Wallet

Offer customers the flexibility to add money once

Promotions and Offers

Push discounts & promotional offers to customers using coupon codes and notifications

Offerings and Product

Create your product or service catalogue for customers to easily choose from

Why does your business need a Customer App?

Receive instant order anywhere anytime.

Receive instant order anywhere anytime.

Reduces effect of unforeseen circumstances

Reduces effect of unforeseen circumstances.

Demand forecasting using orders history

Demand forecasting using orders history.

Better one-to-one communication with your customers

Better one-to-one communication with your customers.

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction.

Helps you gain competitive edge in the market

Helps you gain competitive edge in the market.

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