Delivery Managemment Software

Streamline Your Delivery Operations with Routplaner Delivery Management System

Streamline Your Delivery Operations with Routplaner Delivery Management System

Task Creation

Manage your business operations from a centralized view

  • 1. Dashboard - single task/bulk CSV

    Create Single or Multiple Task in one go through Routplaner dashboard.

  • 2. Web forms

    Routplaner forms allow you to generate tasks immediately in the dashboard by accepting orders from your customers using a web booking form.

  • 3. Routplaner Delivery customer applications

    Take orders directly through customers apps available on both android & iOS.

  • 4. Order Management platforms / Marketplaces / POS/API

    Create your orders through 3rd party website smoothly and efficiently.

Routplaner Task Creation
Routplaner Task Assignment
Task Assignment

Everything a field agent needs to work efficiently

  • 1. Automated Dispatching

    Eliminate manual steps by auto assigning orders based on the most suitable allocation algorithm.

  • 2. Route optimisation

    Our Route Optimization engine creates the most optimised route to reduce both cost & time.

  • 3. Geofencing

    Categorise your agents based on location and simplify your task assingment process.

  • 4. Manual assignment

    Task can also be assigned manually to meet your deliveries constructively.

Task Execution/Completion
  • 1. In app notification

    Order placed by customers are checked against inventory of all drivers and then notification is sent to the driver with sufficient inventory.

  • 2. Task tracking

    Customers receive SMS tracking link & in app tracking To keep track of the driver and the expected time of arrival.

  • 3. In-app communication

    Allow customers to chat with their assigned agent from the app directly and avoid unexpected delays.

  • 4. Proof of delivery

    Enable your agents to scan barcodes, add notes, images and collect digital signatures.

Routplaner Task Execution/Completion
Routplaner Analytics & Reports
Analytics & Reports
  • 1. Time and distance based efficiency

    Instantly get efficiency reports of your agents on the dashboard based on Time and Distance.

  • 2. Real time analytics

    Increase agent efficiency and customer gratification by using real time reports of every task.

  • 3. Rider rating and reviews

    Monitor driver performance based on real customer reviews and be more transparent with end customer

  • 4. Pricing and earning

    Manage driver payouts efficiently with Agent Wallets.

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