On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Salient Features Of The Interactive Home Delivery Medicine App

Our user-friendly solutions for pharmacies come up with all must-have features to enable customer ease and business growth.

Schedule Delivery/Order Now

Let your customers order their prescribed medicines instantly or schedule orders for the particular date as per the choice.


You can send push notifications to end-users in bulk or dose reminders, so customers always take medicines on time.

Smart Search & Filters

Add the smart search feature into your medicine delivery app and allow customers to find medicines quickly by name.

Discounts & Offers

Customers can keep an eye on the real-time updates about the exciting offers or discounts on medicines to save money.

Order Tracking

By sending real-time push alerts at every step, you can allow customers to know the exact status of their orders.

Schedule Delivery

Let your customers order their prescribed medicines instantly or schedule orders for the particular date as per the choice.

On-Demand Uber Like Pharmacy App For Quick And Convenient Delivery Of Medicines

On-demand apps have changed several things for modern-day businesses and their customers. From cabs to foods and salons, there are numbers of things that are available at clients' fingertips. They can use an on-demand app to book/order services from the comfort of their home. Nowadays, people also have an online medicine delivery app to order medicines and get them delivered at their doorstep.

As the market of Uber for pharmacy delivery app is on the rise, you can invest in medicine delivery app development and start your pharmacy delivery business. From pharmacists to customers and delivery men, Uber for medicine delivery is beneficial for many.

Contactless Medicine Delivery By Keeping Social Distancing In Mind!

There is an increased demand for online Medicine delivery amid coronavirus pandemic.
Promote contactless payments and give an option to your customers to pay online.
Many businesses have shut down amid coronavirus. Online Medicine delivery has helped people to recieve medicine during lockdown.
The online Medicine delivery industry has a bright future ahead and has a potential to flourish.
Increase returning visitors when you have strong marketing strategies.
Easily target audience nearby and remain connected with them to stay in the market for a long time.

How On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Works

It’s an entirely straightforward process that functions on an on-demand medicine delivery app for the doorstep delivery of pharmacy products.

Search for Medicines

Customers can browse through multiple categories of medicines that they want to purchase.

Add Medicines to Cart

After a quick search, customers can add medicines to the cart and proceed further to checkout.

Upload Prescription

Customers can also upload a valid doctor's prescription and search required medicines from the list.

Pay & Track Orders

In the final step, customers can make secure payments and start tracking their medicine orders.

Customer App

A tailor-made food delivery app solution caters every business-customer needs and delivers seamless food orders from nearby restaurants.

Onboarding Tutorial Screen

Customers can explore new and amazing features of the food delivery application with an onboarding tutorial screen.

Fastest Account Setup Panel

One-tap click for registration with an email address, phone number, or social profile can create a customer account in less time.

In-App Chat Helpline

Customers can easily connect with business or delivery persons via SMS or Call button to know order status updates.

Real-Time Order Tracking Tool

In-built Google map integration tool in-app ensures real-time customer location tracking and helps in finding shortest distance or fastest routes.

Convenient Re-Order Process

Customers can search food or restaurant names from search options and can filter by a category, rating, location, or Veg or No-veg.

Multiple Address Options

Customers can add Home, Work, or other addresses to the list and pick the desired location while ordering online.

Offers And Discount Coupons

Customers can enjoy various loyalty programs offered by app or restaurant owners that reduce current or next bills cost.

Product Search Filter

Customers can search food or restaurant names from search options and can filter by a category, rating, location, or Veg or No-veg.

Customer App

The client-side app that clients can use to order medicines. They can also use various features of the app to track an order.

User Registration

Clients create their account to order prescribed medicines from a store.


Allow customers to refill the previous order from history.

Order Services

Customers get the freedom to place order online by adding prescription

Offers And Discounts

Customers get to know about new discount offers and schemes.

Order Tracking

Once booked, customers can track the driver arriving at the location

Payment Methods

Multiple payment types to choose from.

Ratings And Feedback

Customers can rate their experience with a store/driver.

Chat With Assigned Mover

Customers get the liberty to chat with agents.

Agent App

This panel of uber for medicine delivery app is for those individuals who involves in delivering the medicines at the customer’s doorsteps. They come into picture when an order is placed by the customer’s side.

Profile Management

Delivery men can customize their profile and add information about them

Alerts & Reminders

Make the services a quick process by sending alerts and reminders to the user.

Digital Service Delivery Proof

Give user a digital method to collect service proof, including digital signatures.

In-App Navigation

Delivery men can easily reach their destination using the navigation feature of the application.

Work Status

Delivery men can set their availability to stores and accept an order.

View Earnings

Delivery men can easily keep track of their orders and earnings.

Admin Panel

It is the main panel of Uber for Medicine. The dashboard is managed by the app owner. The admin panel can be used to manage other apps and individuals using them. Apart from that, the owner can make the necessary changes in the app and add new things to it.

Keep Your Customers Smiling

By offering faster ordering and delivery experiences via a powerful crafted app solution, you can ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Give Your Brand A Voice

Increase brand awareness of your business by bringing a user-centric restaurant or food delivery app into the digital landscape.

Have a bird’s eye view

With an all-new restaurant app, you can have a bird’ eye view of your active users, orders, and business revenue to make progress faster.

Increase the pace of your restaurant

Thanks to our intuitive food delivery app interface that allows restaurant owners to manage operations smoothly and with ease.

Multiple Payment Option

In-built with multiple payment options, our customized apps enable customers to make payments faster and securely.

Inbuilt Marketing Channels

Now you can connect with millions by transforming your food delivery business into an app inbuilt with multiple marketing channels.

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