Field Fulfilment

Fulfill all your delivery needs with 3rd Party Logistics partners.

Use Crowdsourced Shippers to achieve excellence in Last Mile Delivery

  • Less Cattle, Less Care

    Sourcing Shippers means avoiding Delivery fleet procurement, vehicle maintenance, in-house riders, and reducing all overheads.

  • Minimize Failed Deliveries/ No-Shows/ No Agents

    Using Crowdsourced Shippers ensures almost 100% customer gratification by utilizing a vast network of agents.

  • Customer and Admin Real-Time update

    Being Transparent. Give your customers the option to get real-time updates by SMS, Push notification, etc.

  • Cost-Effective

    Crowsourced shippers use their vehicle and are expert in routes, thus making deliveries effective in cost and time.

Routplaner Benifits


Routplaner F2 works as a central engine that collects orders, distributes them to 3PL merchants, and connects them with the end customer.

Routplaner Workflow

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