On Demand Dog Walking App Like Uber

Why us

Separate Apps For Dog Owners & Walkers

Separate online dashboards for dog owners and walkers with plenty of features.

Admin Dashboard

A fully-functional dashboard to manage activities on all apps.

24/7 Support

24/7 technical support and a dedicated account manager to deal with all of your issues instantly.

Smart Walker Allocation

Let pet lovers book tested and vetted walkers.


A featureful on-demand dog-walking service at a cost-effective price.


Customize your application and make changes appear on all platforms.

Run Your Business With Uber For Dog Walking App

  • Create your own dog walking app and grow your business.
  • Take your dog walking services online with an on-demand dog walking app
  • Monitor activities on apps and customize the platform anytime
  • Customize your Uber for dog walking app and schedule appointment easily.
  • Track walkers through an advanced GPS system
  • Let pet owners schedule the nearest and experienced dog walker
  • Verified check-ins to allow walkers check-in and check-out from a house

On Demand Dog Walking App Solution

A quick and complete on-demand dog walking app solution created by Suffescom Solutions ensures that you get maximum business while providing dog owners with professionals to take care of their pet's activities. We use advanced technologies and the modern-day tools to ensure that your uber for dog walking solution is responsive and works efficiently on all platforms. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or any other smart gadget, the app we develop can be accessed on any kind of smart device.

Build your on-demand dog walking app solution and get a complete technology suite with incredible subsystems:

Why Us To Create Your Own Dog Walking App

How Do App Owners Earn With Dog Walking App Solution

The dog walking app solution that we create allows pet owners to quickly find/hire a registered walker. On the other side, professionals can use the app to get hired and make money. How does pet walking on-demand app development help app owners earn?

Whenever a pet owner books the services of a dog walker, a decent amount of commission goes directly into the account of an app owner. Create your own dog walking app and become a leading on-demand service providing app owner.

Steps To Your Dog Walking App Solution

Instead of copying others, we follow a unique pet walking on-demand app development process to ensure that you get Uber for dog walking that meets your requirements. How to build a dog walking app? Follow simple steps and get your dog walking app solution developed.

Pet Owner App

The app can be used by pet owners to book a dog walker to take care of their pooch's daily activities when they do not have time to go out with their pet. They can start the app, register an account, and quickly started looking for a registered professional near them. In addition to selecting a dog walker, customers can choose the walk time and location where a walker has to arrive.

View Dog Walker Profile

Dog owners can view a walker's profile, which includes information about the individual, experience, and visiting fees

Notification Alerts

Owners who scheduled an appointment will get detailed information of a dog walker.

Live Streaming (optional)

Pet owners can watch their pup live with the dog walker to make sure everything is okay with the pooch

Ratings & Reviews

Owners can rate their experience with a dog walker they hired and help you improve your services.

Schedule/Cancel Appointment

Pet owners can book or cancel an appointment anytime considering a number of factors, including dog walker information and availability.


Build your own dog walking app like uber and allow pet owners to locate a dog walker

Payment/Bill Estimation

Uber for dog walking allows customers to make payment through different methods

Referral Earnings

Customers can earn by inviting their friends who have pets to try out the app.

Dog Walker App

Professional walkers can use the Uber for dog walking app to register an account and get hired by pet owners requiring their services. After registering an account, they can get online to show their availability for the job. In addition, they get the freedom to accept or reject a job. When a walker accepts the job, he/she gets a route on the map to reach the location easily and start the job.

Real-Time Requests

Get booking requests instantly on dog walking dashboard to manage them efficiently


Through Uber for dog walking service app, walkers can showcase their availability to pet owners

Customer Information

Get relevant details like dog owner info & details about the place to reach


Using the navigation feature, dog walkers can find an easy-to-follow route to reach an owner

Profile Creation

Experienced and vetted individuals can set up their profile and add information

Earnings Summary

Walkers can track their appointments & earnings

Admin Panel

It's the main panel of the app solution that is handled by the owner to manage customers and walkers using it as Uber for dog walking. The owner gets the freedom to add new features and schemes to the app which are visible to all. Apart from that, the admin can control activities on the app and improve them in future.

Manage Bookings

Create your own dog walking app to manage all bookings on the app

Advanced Analytics

Get reports on the number of requests, bookings, commissions, and others

Manage Customers/Dog Walkers

Manage requests from pet owners and assign jobs to dog walkers

Real-Time Tracking

Track pet walkers on the job and take complete control of your dog walking business


Tell customers and dog walkers important things, such as discounts, through push & SMS

Manage Payments

Smoothly handle & optimize prices. Set commissions, dog walker payouts, and more

How To Build Dog Walking App

In the modern-day busy world, several pet lovers do not have time to spend it with their favorite animal. This is where Uber for dog walking solution comes into play. In the form of an application, dog owners get a digital platform to connect with experienced dog walkers who take care of pets and provide them with a lifestyle they deserve. The owners can hire the services of a dog walker to provide their furry creatures with the care they require. Build your own dog walking app like Uber and allow owners to easily book a dog walker from the comfort of their place and track their pooches with the hired professionals.

Using the Uber for dog walking service app, dog walkers can register their name on a digital platform that pet owners use to hire experienced walkers. They can create their profile, add information about them, and get hired by owners requiring Uber for dog walking services. Dog walkers can use the application to get a job, reach the place to start their job, and receive money for their services.

Build Your Own Dog Walking App Like Uber To Grow Your Business

Create your own dog walking app and earn money. Pet lovers who do not pay attention to their pooches due to their busy lifestyle pay anything to take care of their beloved pets. You can resolve their problem with your professional dog walking app development services. Start your dog-walking app and let authorized and experienced dog walkers to register their account. Allow pet owners to book/schedule a walker from a list of professional dog walkers and track their pets' activities.

Build your own dog walking app like Wag and lets your customers ensure that their pets are safe and enjoying their time with a walker. On the other side, the app gives jobs to professional pet walkers who make money through it. This helps you grow your dog walking app business and earn money easily.

Now, you know how to build a dog walking app. If you still have a question or a query regarding the on-demand dog walking app, then feel free to contact us. After all, your business success is a mutual objective for both of us.

Build Your App Now To Get The Best Deals

Choose Suffescom Solutions as your trusted partner to create your own dog walking app and launch a complete solution to grow your business. Build your own dog walking app like Uber today to strike the best app development deal of your life. We are offering you the most competitive rates in the app development industry. It means you get a robust app that helps to grow your business at a cost-effective price.

Suffescom Solutions has a team of experienced professionals who carefully observe the current app trends and develop app solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.

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Our handy mobile apps let you get the data you need on the fly